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 THIS IS IT hits theraters Next Month and i am sooo exited about it
             just the fact that the king op pop sings my alltime fav song " They dont Care about Us" makes me happy
the VMAS will pay tribute to the King soo ima watch that
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Writer's Block: Don't You Forget about Me

RIP John Hughes. In honor of the master of the teen movie, what is your favorite teen flick?
oh man....deffenently "Final Destination" i love those movies because you can make as many sequals as you want and it doesnt get old ,becuase i bet people get bored of seeing jason come back to life for the millionth time !!! ,these movies are awesome because it implies that death is a force that can not be avoided and the idea that you cant run away or you cant hide is awesome ,and the idea that there is no chance of survival is also pretty cool ,thats whats really great about the seiries NOONE survives they ALL eventually die ,i also thing it has a moral ,it tells people to stop being ignoirant becaue failure to read the signs of fix a small mistake can be the difference between life and death
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its been weird how lately i have been having suburban jungle related dreams .ive has 3 so far and each just gets weirder and weirder .like i hade one recently where "the suburban jungle,was a TV show and the voice of drezzer didnt suit him very well ,so far iv only had dreams of the sj tv show and so far  the only charachters who were in my dreams were leonard,tiffany,drezzer and conrad
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well the suburban jungle IS BACK !!!!!! thats a  good sign for today ...umm another I.S.O has been posted and its getting good... marching band is hell ..C1A is doing okay ...i guess .......so far im not hearing much from anyone ....im pretty sure "the gneech " is busy at the moment .....so ya :)
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Writer's Block: And the Apple Goes To

Who is/was your favorite teacher in school?
wll that one is most deffinantly me seventh grade history /advanced english teacher Mrs.Taylor ,she was a very kind,understanding and intellegent person she knew i had pottential and she was never hesitant to tell me ,she told me she expected great things from  me and she promisses she'l help on the way

PLEASE READ ,dude im spilling my heart out here

im feeling a couple of things rights now one is sadness ,ya know sometimes a loss can hurt badly and it comes back to haunt you eventually ,with michael jackson it just did im feeling grief all over again because i see that he meant it he was going to come back and he was going to take back his throne as the king of music ,its just so hard to admit that hese gone but i have hopes that the movie "this is it " might potentialy beat titanic  as the highest grossing film of all time 
also im feeling angry and offended ,a recent tv show has defined the word furrie as pretty much "a bunch of sex crazed weirdos who like to get together for group orgys while still in there costumes "i felt offended and it was just WRONG they are just adding to the difficulty of admiting youre a furry and it just bring up more mis understanding and prejudice ..speaking of michael jackson and unfair prejudice i remeber a line from the song "weve hed enough " that fits in perfectly with my predicament "Theres nothing thet can be done...if we raise our voice as one "    so i spite of all the words or taunts that people might say to me, im proud enough to stand out of the crowd and say "im different " because thats exactly what i am im different and i will stand up for what i think is right ,i will no longer stay in any one particular closet because i have PRIDE in being a FURRY and no ones actions nor words can stop me !
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loosing my f****** mind !!!1

getting used to my new agenda is getting pretty hard to do ....i wake up at 5.oo am im at school by 6:20 for marching band ,and im out at 2:17 then im already asleep by 9:30 its a crazy scheduel i find my self being less able to draw and write and this is just the begining of my freshman year at high school !! but hopefully i get used to the scheduel !!!!! ......and i heard that the suburban jungle is hopefully coming back monday :) so thats keeping me alive :)
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