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Orientation :For me to Know and For you to assume
Describing words: funny ,nerdy ,tall,nice,enthusiastic,friendly,weird,goofy,furry ,geek,artistic

i am Al im 14 years old ,and i live in the suburb known as lancaster california ya its boring eeeh but i get by ,i love to read and draw and im always looking for something to do ,well thats over the summer i got school to worry about im about to start the adolecent equivilent to hell we know it primarily as high school .i love "the gneeches"suburban jungle amd im currently almost finished reading the WHOLE thing ,i must confess i do LOVE the Harry Potter books J.K Rowling rocks!!!! Im a HUGE King of Pop fan and a Huge Prince Of darkness fan i wonder if thriller and crazy train is a good mix?? and im always and forever be a furry !!!!.im fun loving smart (though my typing skills suck and that does NOT reflect my intellegence!!!)extremely open mindedand fun ,well most of the time i consider my self bi polar and i have occasional mood swings ,im a teeneger growing up fast so if i seem cooky i blame puberty:)P.S, im always being called a nerd why???!!!!! *i re read entry
* oh i see why i am currently posting ideas/pages/previews from a story i have wrote and am still writing my self ,and since 200 pages is too much i will resolve in quick plot summaries look forward to see a big boom in entries during the summer but once school starts and hormones kick in i wont have time to post as often as i do now so ill try to get stuff done ,